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contains Stefi Altman, a Holocaust survivor, was born in 1926[?] in Lublin, Poland. In 1939, her brothers were arrested by the Nazis, later dying in Majdanek. A local teacher and priest helped Stefi create a false identity and sent her to an agricultural school, where she was arrested. Stefi was sent to the Jastkov labor camp, where she made pillows. She escaped for several months and wandered, eventually finding work with a Polish farmer. She was abused by a neighbor, eventually returning to Jastkov out of necessity. From Jastkov Stefi was moved with others to Treblinka, where she sorted victims’ belongings. She witnessed the deaths of prisoners, prisoners being shaved, and guards stripping gold and silver from teeth. She was moved to Majdanek, then to Dorohucza. In 1943, she was reunited with her younger sister Kaiyla, who was later killed there. Stefi escaped Dorohucza during a camp disturbance. Stefi hid in a tunnel under a sympathetic farmer’s barn. In 1944, she was liberated by the Red Army. The Soviets fed the farmer’s family plus Stefi, later driving them to the Red Cross office in Lublin. In 1944, Stefi learned that none of her family had survived. She married her husband Hershel in Poland in 1946. They arrived in Houston in 1949

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