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contains After Altman's family was evicted from Lublin home (November, 1939), two brothers picked up from public street and sent first to a labor camp then to Majdanek (Concentration camp). Along with her parents and younger sister, Altman walked approx. 18 miles to village of Moszenki, Poland. There lived with grandfather and uncles (also evicted from home) in local barn. From Moszenki, she was taken to Jastkow (forced labor camp). Only after the war did Altman learn that soon after she was taken to Jastkow, her parents, grandparents and uncles were taken to small town of Belzyce and shot along with approx. 2,000 other Jews. Moved from Jastkow by truck to Treblinka; imprisoned there for six months. Moved to Majdanek, imprisoned for five or six months later learning her brothers had been killed there. Possibly late Spring or early Summer, moved to Dorohucza. Recalls arrival of

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